Communication Is The Key Ingredient



Our product development cycle is time tested and has proven to be very efficient. Below is a brief overview of what it’s like to partner with us.


  • We listen carefully to your needs
  • A design proposal is prepared and delivered within two business days
  • Once the proposal is executed, we start the design process
  • The ideation and modeling stages are repeated as needed to arrive at the optimized concept that’s ready for prototype development


The process is centered on effective communication. Ongoing design reviews keep you aware of the product development direction and keep the project moving smoothly. We also make sure we’re available to answer all your questions until the successful launch of your product or product line.






State Of The Art Equipment



As LED lighting professionals, we use the following tools to create innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges:


  • LightTools, Photopia, TracePro, and Oslo for optical system design, optimization, and simulation
  • SolidWorks for industrial design, 3D models, 2D drawings, and thermal design and simulation
  • Keyshot for photorealistic renderings
  • Stratasys Dimension SST1200ES and Maker Gear M2 3D printers for mechanical prototype components


Alessio Design understands that timing to market is critical and prides itself on using the most advanced product development tools available to meet or exceed the client’s expectations in a timely manner.





A Team You Can Rely On



We’re celebrating 13+ years serving the LED lighting industry! Our team of LED lighting experts continues to work together to allow us to sustain continued growth. Our clients trust us, and we’ve successfully completed numerous projects for a wide range of LED lighting applications, including the following: 






Track Lights


Wall Washers/Grazers

Wall Sconces

Recessed Downlights

Industrial High Bays

Industrial Anti-Collision

Explosion Proof Fixtures

Roadway – IES Types I-V

Parking Lot and Garage

Illuminated Street Signs


Hospital Room

Phototherapy Devices

UV Curing

Horticulture Grow Lights

Art Museum Lighting

Commercial Signs

Landscape Lighting

Security Spotlights

Refrigerator Lighting

Kitchen Range Lighting

Airport Taxiway

Aircraft Safety Lights



Task Lighting

Hi-Speed Digital Photography Lighting

Crash Test Lighting